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In her work with adults and children, Abigail B. Calkin has combined Precision Teaching and inner behavior since 1975. She also writes in the literary arena. Her published works include narrative nonfiction, novels, poems, and articles and books on education including behavior analysis. The serious quality of her work and writings belies her spontaneous sense of humor, laughter, and joy of life.

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Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service
Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service, edited by Rob Holdsambeck and Henry Pennypacker, is published by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. The book arose from an interesting set of question the editors asked 18 of us. How did we relinquish old ways of thinking and come to the world of behavior analysis? How are our solutions different from the ideas and practices of other more traditional professionals? To put it more colloquially, how did we get into this new line of work?

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The April 2015 issue of Poetry Repairs, at www.poetryrepairs.com, is a special issue of 32 of my poems. These poems are from my forthcoming book, The Soul of My Soldier: Reflections of a Military Wife. They reflect some of my experiences and thoughts about being married to a soldier. The book, due out from Familius on August 11, 2015, is a collection of prose and poetry. Five of the prose pieces, collectively titled Memoir of a Military Wife, are on page 2 of www.scrollinspace.com. More information on The Soul of My Soldier: Reflections of a Military Wife will come in June.

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Book Reviews

The Night Orion Fell
“If ever we needed a story on the triumph of the human spirit and one man's ability to reinvent himself, this is it. The Night Orion Fell will never leave me, and for good reason. It's a great story, carefully researched, and compellingly told. Bravo Abigail Calkin.”

Kim Heacox,
The Only Kayak
and Visions of a Wild America

“From someone who has lived the life Calkin writes about, this is a well written book. I have faced the possibility of something going terribly wrong every time I stepped foot on the deck of a boat. She has described what went on in a way fishermen know and those who have never commercial fished will understand. This old salt enjoyed it greatly!”

Larry Ryser,
Deadliest Catch, FV Incentive
deck boss;
Kodiak Queen

“Calkin has written a fascinating book about an intriguing search and rescue case that took place off the coast in the Pacific Northwest. Although written decades after the fact, the particulars of this case remain very vivid in my mind. I distinctly recall debriefing the helicopter pilots and crew and observing their excitement in locating and finally rescuing the skipper of the F/V Fargo. While the book is from the fisherman’s point of view, she did an excellent job of detailing the Coast Guard’s perspective of the case. Filled with poignant moments and good detail, it is an outstanding read and one that I highly recommend.”

Rear Admiral Dave Kunkel
U. S. Coast Guard (ret.)

The Night Orion Fell tells a hard story in careful detail, full of Oregon, of courageous people and Larry Hills, one stubborn, lucky sonofabitch.  You won’t walk the docks past a trawler next time without wincing.”

Jon Broderick
Setnetter, Fisherpoet

“Writing with necessary precision and extraordinary imaginative power, Abigail B. Calkin tells the compelling, true story of a freak accident on a North Pacific trawler.  One man,  died, one survived.  The machinery of a trawler is the stuff of nightmares, but Calkin tells the story with such empathy and careful attention to detail that the result is not merely horrifying but a most moving and humane account, both of the accident itself and of its long-term consequences.  I am grateful for an in-depth portrait of an astonishingly brave man, and also of a tight-knit community, the fishermen, Coast Guard and their families along the Oregon coast.  At a time when public life is so mired in greed and dishonesty, this book presents the sort of unassuming courage, endurance, and cooperation that can still make one feel proud of the human species.”

David M. Black,
Why Things Matter

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The Carolyne Letters
“Abigail Calkin has a unique way of dealing with the dilemma. Not only does this evolve into an intriguing story, but it is also a sensitive look at the options that many unmarried pregnant women must face.”

Bonnie Elsensohn,
Capital City Weekly Alaska

“What is that choice? I will not reveal the end here. In the end, ‘Choice has disappeared,’ but a touching novel has been born.”

W. Joseph Wyatt,
Behavior Analysis Digest,
Vol. 7, #4, Winter 1995

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Nikolin captures the russkaya dusha of the Russian people, with its extremes, sinfulness, holiness, endurance, faithfulness, sacrifice and, alas, masochism.”

Vladimir Donskoi, Ph.D.,
University of Irkutsk, Siberia

“In a tragic struggle of love and devotion, Nikolin is an unforgettable epic of one man’s search for God.”

Cynthia Akagi,
The Pen Woman

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